In May 2014, Isaac Winkler (collaborating post-doc, Wright State University) and I traveled to Guyana to collect tachinids.  In Georgetown, we met up with Derrick Vaneuton, a student from the University of Guyana, and then took a long and bumpy bus ride into the interior of the country.  Our first destination was Karanambu, a protected area of savannah and wetland ecosystem.  We stayed in an open air lodge and visited with guests from around the world while we weren't collecting.  In addition to some beautiful insects, we were able to see a giant anteater and some giant river otters!  After a week on the plains, we headed to the jungle.  Iwokrama International Centre is a world class research center in the heart of the Guyanese rainforest, and was our home for the second half of the trip.  Our best collecting of the trip was on the peak of Turtle Mountain, where hundreds of tachinids were "hill-topping", a mating behavior where male flies pick a spot on a branch or bush and wait for females to fly by. At the end of our stay in Guyana, we visited the University of Guyana and gave a presentation on our research to the biology department.